The Performance Mindset

E-Course for Athletes

The Practice Mindset (or Training Mindset) helps you to practice effectively especially when you are learning new skills or refining certain aspects of your game. Meanwhile, the Performance Mindset (or Trust Mindset) comes from motor memory or rather, what you have already repeated in practice. Here, you perform freely and intuitively by relying on memory. In other words, with the Performance Mindset, you trust in your skills.

You need both Mindsets to achieve your athletic goals but how do you strike a balance between the two, and more importantly, be in The Performance Mindset especially during competitions? This e-course will show you how!

A certificate of completion will be issued upon successful completion of this course. Please input your name, as to how you would like it to be stated on the certificate, during enrolment.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Performance Mindset

    • Train to Trust, Trust in Train…

    • Practice Mindset vs Performance Mindset

    • Activity 1 What's It Like When You Perform With Trust?

    • Activity 2 What Are Your Trust Breakdowns?

    • How Does Your Performance Change?

    • Activity 3 Situations When I Lose Trust

  • 2

    Integrating Trust

    • 1. Play & Competition- Be Decisive!

    • 1. Play & Competition - Keep It Simple

    • 1. Play & Competition - Be Functional

    • Activity 4 Keep Your Performance Simple

    • 2. Pregame Warm-up

    • 3. Practice and Training

    • Activity 5 Integrating Trust

  • 3


    • Summary

    • Reflection

Additional Information

  • Level

    Level 2: Intermediate

  • Duration

    3 hrs

  • Bonus Material

    The Performance Mindset Workbook which consists of: Guided activities to help you identify your trust breakdowns and how you can integrate trust in your practice, warm-up and competition.