What's Important Now!

This e-program zooms in on the most basic yet significant psychological skill that impacts one’s confidence and ability to perform under pressure – the skill of letting go of harmful demands and refocusing on What’s Important NOW!

Through this e-program, coaches will learn how to...

• Explain how expectations limit confidence
• Help athletes identify harmful expectations and replace them with process goals.
• Prime athletes to focus on the process during practice and competition
• Reflect on how their own expectations have hindered their ability to coach effectively
• Guide athletes to apply W.I.N. to cope with the inevitable stressors that they will face in Sport and Life

A certificate of completion will be issued upon successful completion of this course. Please input your name, as to how you would like it to be stated on the certificate, during enrolment.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • W.I.N. Learner's Guide

    • Understanding Stress

    • 3 Steps to W.I.N.

  • 2

    Step 1

    • Understand how Expectations limit Confidence

    • The Biggest Mental Mistake Made By Coaches and Athletes

    • Reflection

  • 3

    Step 2

    • Identify Expectations and replace them with Process Goals

    • Practical Application 1

  • 4

    Step 3

    • Practical Application 2

    • Practical Application 3

    • Practical Application 4

  • 5


    • In summary...


Chew Zi Qun

National Coach, Boccia

The e-course is so accessible offline and can be reach via mobile phone. This course came in timely and help me to switch my own expectations to process goals on What’s Important Now. It also helps me to change my perspective on certain points in my coaching journey. Thanks Coach Hansen for making this e-course accessible!